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Kreativenplattform meets Oh That Place

Kreativenplattform meets Oh That Place


Driven by the idea to show and present Off-Spaces//Artist run Spaces//Cultural Areas, the KREATIVENPLATTFORM is a contemporary HUB.
Artists have the opportunity to present their work and expand their network.
Our One -Day Gallery moves between experimental and temporary access of various creative premises and is reflected in the unique perspective of our participants and artists.

This time, we are excited to present our next KREATIVENPLATTFORM event at: EDDY´s Car Garage.

EDDY´s Place is a local institution, a special place where people have had their car fixed for years and where hands-on work always happens. That’s why we invited the Vienna-based collective Oh THAT Place to join us.
Oh THAT Place is an international, multi-disciplinary, creative idea collective in Vienna. They feature Vienna based designers from the field of Applied Arts (graphics, product, industrial, fashion) and support designers who produce small lines with unique hand work or highly specialized production techniques. Oh THAT Place also has a temporary nature: inviting different designers to offer a sneak peek into their approach, thoughts, dreams and plans.

Don´t miss out on this very unique collaboration. Join us at this extra special location with a handful of hand-picked and very talented designers.

And of course, party with us afterwards!

Drop by// Don´t drop out

//Designer Talks from 7pm
//Gin Tonic Happy Hour from 9pm
Terror + Martina 11pm
Alith Berndarn


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