Schönbrunnerstrasse 85/27
1050 Vienna
Email: office@kreativenplattform.at
Phone: +43 (0) 676 7537315

Kreativenplattform at Eddy´s Werkstatt

About This Project

Driven by the Idea to show and present Off-Spaces//Artist run Spaces//Cultural Areas as well giving Artist a unique platform to present their work , the KREATIVENPLATTFORM is a contemporary HUB where you have the chance to present your work and network.

Our One -Day Gallery moves between experimental access to the premises and the tight perspective of our artists .
This time we are in a very special and unique space.
We are at EDDY´s Car Garage. EDDY´s Place is an institution when it comes to getting your car fixed, and working with your hands.

This is why we invited the Vienna based Collective OH THAT PLACE.

Oh THAT Place is an international, multi-disciplinary, creative idea collective in Vienna. 
They feature Vienna based designers from the field of Applied Arts (graphics, product, industrial, fashion) and support designers who produce small lines using unique hand work or highly specialized production techniques.